Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sesame Quinoa Spring Rolls Recipe

Sesame Quinoa Spring Rolls Recipe

2cups red quinoa
3cups water
4handfuls of greens
10rice paper wrappers
4Tbs. rice vinegar
5Tbs. soy sauce
2tsp. minced garlic
2Tbs. minced ginger
4tsp. sesame oil
Rinse and drain the quinoa and cook for 12 minutes in 3 cups of water. While quinoa cooks, make the dressing, cut up the greens and whisk the greens and dressing together in a bowl. Once quinoa is done, combine it with the dressed greens. Before assembling the spring rolls,  fill a square pan with water.  Then soak a wrapper for 30 seconds or until it begins to soften. Don’t let it sit for too long because it will soften and fall apart. Place the wet rice wrapper on a flat surface and with a spoon fill the wrapper with about 3 Tbs. of the lettuce-quinoa mixture. Fold the edges over and roll into a spring roll.  Repeat by soaking another rice wrapper and wrapping it. Keep going until all the filling has been used.

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